Farm Franchising Services

Dreaming of your own Hydroponic Farm?

Our Franchising Team can Set-up a 10,000 sq. ft. Farm for under 30 Lacs

We can also Manage and Operate your farm for a small % of your Sales

Set-up Services

  • We can set-up a Farm for under 30 Lacs in a 10,000 sq ft plot

  • 2 polyhouses with internal and external supporting structures

  • Payment will be spread over multiple instalments

  • Fully scalable structure, allowing for future expansion

Operations Services

  • We manage ALL operations from seeds to sales, on yearly renewable contract

  • Our trained teams will grow, harvest, pack, deliver, market, AND sell for you

  • We handle all labour hiring, material procurement, maintenance & repair

  • You can view your entire operational flow online and in real-time

Interested to know more? Call us at +91 73855 92133 or email us your details, and we will call you back within 24 hours!

Sample pictures from our franchise farms