Batavia lettuce resembles ordinary lettuce, but has more crinkled leaves and a wavy leaf margin.

There are bright green and red-brown varieties. Actually, Batavia lettuce is a very authentic type of lettuce and the precursor of the well-known Iceberg lettuce.

Batavia lettuce leaves are typically sweet and crisp.

Culinary use:

  1. A perfect leaf base to build your salad, can be mixed with other types of lettuce.

  2. In a summer salad with, for example, with diced capsicum and goat cheese.

  3. Salad sandwiches with cheese, sausage or tuna salad.

  4. Rolled up in wraps with, for example, smoked chicken and cream cheese.

Health benefits:

  • High in nutrients but low in calories.

  • Very hydrating.

  • Loaded with powerful antioxidants.

  • May keep your heart healthy.

  • Excellent source of vitamin A.

  • Packed with vitamin K.